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    來源:http://www.yeesentw.com 日期:2023-07-13 發布人:fuqiang
    Roller shutter is an industrial door with the advantages of heat preservation, dust prevention, sound insulation, insect prevention, fire prevention, odor isolation, good daylighting and other functions. It is commonly installed in factories, electronics, refrigeration, logistics warehouses and other industrial sites. Many users may not know what different materials Roller shutter has and what different functions it will have. Now let's talk about the Roller shutter.
    Crystal Roller shutter: Crystal Roller shutter is a fashionable one now. Usually, polycarbonate (PC bulletproof adhesive) is used to make door curtain panels. Generally installed in supermarkets, clothing, brand stores, or trendy mobile phones that require fashionable features. And it has certain waterproof and windproof properties, with aluminum alloy connecting ribs inserted to enhance its protective effect. It is available in various specifications such as frosting, transparency, and color.
    Stainless color steel plate Roller shutter: generally, color steel plate, composite plate and aluminum alloy are used, and the thickness of door plate can be freely selected. We can set up lighting windows and doors according to customer needs.
    PVC Roller shutter: PVC Roller shutter, also known as fast rolling door, is made of PV environmental protection materials. The operating speed can reach up to 1.2 meters per second when turned on. It has some properties such as insulation, cold insulation, dust prevention, wind resistance, waterproofing, fire prevention, etc. It is widely used in various places such as food, chemistry, textiles, electronics, supermarkets, dust-free workshops, warehousing, etc. It saves energy for enterprises, and at the same time, it is easy to operate, high-speed, high X, and safe, not only improving the working environment for workers, but also improving production efficiency.
    Stainless steel Roller shutter: stainless steel Roller shutter has various colors, bright colors and smooth surface. The door body surface will be treated with baking paint, which will be more durable and solid than the original after treatment, and has a variety of installation methods.
    The content about whether the different functions of Roller shutter materials will be different is shared here first. I believe you will understand after reading the above introduction. If you still have questions, please consult our staff http://www.yeesentw.com .

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